Introducing Angelic Lily – Botanical Skincare

People are so gosh-darn inspiring these days. Angelica Fabian-Varga has created her own skin care line from her desire to produce products that are 100% natural and made from botanical ingredients. She sent me a gorgeous package so that I could try her range and let you all know what I think. Did I like it? Do you like roast dinners? What am I talking about?  Read more…

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Vermiculture 101 – The Hungry Bin

A post on worms? How strange for a blog about beauty and food. Well you guys asked for it so here it is, the new #nicisgarden section. I’m super excited about setting up my own kitchen garden and my Facebook family seemed really keen to join me along the way. Let’s get started with the some of the basics. Step one: compost, with the help of worms and the Hungry Bin.  Read more…