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Bésame Cosmetics Part 3 – Old Hollywood Glamour

And so here we are at part three of my Bésame Cosmetics series. It’s time to see these babies in action. Bésame Cosmetics is no doubt a retro/vintage inspired range that covers a number of decades, but overall I really feel the 1930/1940s vibe. We haven’t yet hit the cutesy 1950s, and high glamour is the order of the day. Join me as I create an Old Hollywood Glamour look. Read more…

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Bésame Cosmetics Part 2 – Take my Money!

So, what did I buy when I went to visit vintage connoisseur Sandra D, Australian distributor of Bésame Cosmetics? Oh, only a few things. A powder, mascara, rouge and three lipsticks. Oops. But guess what? I love every single thing. Read on to see what they look like and why I love them! A full Bésame inspired, 1940s makeup look coming soon! Read more…

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L’Oréal Brush Contest – A Tale of Heartbreak

I can still remember the way I felt when I saw the YouTube video announcing the launch of L’Oréal’s ‘The Brush Contest.’ Eva Longoria starred in the quirky clip which invited budding makeup artists to create a three minute video tutorial for a ‘bold and daring’ look which was based around the theme of colour clash. This was going to be it, my big break. My video would be epic! Read more…