The Look – Roaring 20s Featuring Rimmel

I recently went to a show at The Adelaide Cabaret Festival which called for some vintage style. I decided to go for a 1920s look with dark eyes and deep red lips and as I’ve recently had my hair cut into a much shorter, chin length bob, and I was keen to see how it would respond to hot rollers and whether I could pull the whole look together.  Read more…


Natura Siberica Bath Salts – Take Me To Siberia

A few months ago I was sent a generous gift from Natura Siberica: the Revitalising Siberian Bath Salts. As soon as I took off the lid I knew the fragrance wouldn’t agree with the headaches I was getting. Now, with my headaches under control I’m finally able to give these a try and I am thankful I waited and didn’t ruin the experience by using them when I wasn’t feeling well. Read more…


A Life Update

Hi! It’s me, Nici. Do you even remember me? I’m sorry, I know it’s been too long between posts. You know that feeling where you keep telling yourself that you should do something but the days keep sliding by and weeks become months, and then the task seems monumental? Well, that’s kind of what’s happened to me. So to make up for it, here is a monumental post with all the things I’ve been up to lately.  Read more…