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Timing can be everything in life, as I discovered a couple of months ago when I received a lovely email asking if I’d be interested in trying bhave hair products and consider reviewing them on the blog. In the past I have declined offers to do with haircare, as you know I’m not much of a hair whiz by any stretch of the imagination, however it just so happens that I had run out of shampoo and was in the market for some new products. When I discovered that bhave was Australian owned and operated, I thought why not.

bhave kindly sent through the Magnify Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner, Scalp Shampoo, Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner and the Deep Intense Conditioning Masque. I was able to explain that I have oily hair, and sometimes do get a flaky scalp and they tailored the package to my needs. I also confirmed that bhave is pronounced ‘behave’ and not the weird way I was saying it. You can also loudly command your hair to BEHAVE over and over as you wash it in the shower, but that’s personal preference and didn’t seem to have much influence over the results unfortunately.

bhave is a salon professional haircare range that was released in 2013, formulated with the input of ‘industry experts and bio chemists using only the finest local and imported ingredients.’ Now, I’m not wowed by the idea that bio chemists worked on developing the products, but I do appreciate that this range is free of parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride. Personally I’m not fussed by the inclusion of such ingredients in my haircare but I know plenty of people who are, and who are far more hair obsessed than me. I really only care about results, and I’ll let those speak for themselves.

The bhave system is based upon first getting an in-salon keratin treatment which is supposed to smooth the hair and reduce hair maintenance, the after care products that you can purchase compliment and extend the life of the treatment. However, the range can also be used independently of the keratin treatment and will ‘boost hair strength, condition and manageability,’ when used on their own. The take-home range includes ‘functional keratin technology, argan oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B.’ I was warned that sulphate free products can take a few weeks for hair to adjust and to persist even if it seemed like my hair was extra limp and lacklustre for a week or so.

Magnify Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner 

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I started with the Magnify range, and funnily enough, it wasn’t a good introduction to bhave as it really didn’t suit my hair. The description of this says that it suits normal, fine, limp and oily hair types and theoretically should have been perfect for me. Perhaps the added moisturising and thickening properties of macadamia and evening primrose oils were just too much for my already oily hair. To be honest this shampoo and conditioner felt amazing and the scent is really fresh and clean and when I blow dried my hair it looked lovely and shiny, but sadly the feeling just didn’t last. I ended up having to wash my hair again the next day. I tried using the shampoo on its own, as I don’t often use conditioner anyway, and using the two products together. I persisted for a few weeks, maybe longer than I should have, but it never came right. Having said that, I’m not disappointed in the product at all, just that it didn’t work for me.

Scalp Shampoo

Whilst using the Magnify range, I also started using the Scalp shampoo which is meant to soothe irritated scalps while leaving hair clean and hydrated, and contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients. I don’t suffer from proper dandruff or psoriasis but I do get a mildly itchy and flaky scalp sometimes. This shampoo smells so good (although my daughter isn’t a fan) with a light peppermint scent. It also cleans really well and doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy or weighed down. I usually skip conditioner altogether when using ordinary shampoo and although I could do that with the Scalp shampoo I do find it beneficial to add a tiny bit of conditioner to the ends, and the Magnify Conditioner works well as long as I only put it on the very tips of my hair.

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Deep Intense Conditioning Masque

I don’t know why, but I love a good hair masque. I don’t need it in the slightest but it feels so nice and pampering to use one. The Deep Intense Conditioning Masque is really nourishing but it doesn’t leave my hair sticky or limp. I can’t really speak to the repairing properties but based on my experience with the other products I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to someone with dry, damaged hair. I actually use a shampoo after I’ve rinsed this masque out, or use it only on the ends in place of conditioner. As with all bhave products it smells divine and is a no-nonsense, simple, easy to use product.

Rescue Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner 

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This is where things start to get weird, and obviously bhave know their stuff because they included these two products in my package. Suitable for all hair types, especially those suffering from the usual suspects of hair damage (heat, chemical treatments and environmental stress) this range was released earlier this year. The rescue range ‘restores hair’s inner strength by gently nourishing and weightlessly moisturising as it rebuilds dry, brittle and damaged hair.’ Now my hair isn’t dry, brittle or damaged, but it just loved this shampoo and conditioner. I found it to be less likely to cause limp strands and it actually felt like it rinsed better than the Magnify range. Again, I usually only use the shampoo and if I feel as though I need a little extra hydration I just put the conditioner on the very ends of my hair. I can go up to three days without washing my hair, although admittedly on the third day I’m rocking a sleek ponytail, and it looks just as nice air dried as it does blow dried.

I’ve been impressed with the whole bhave range and the great service they showed me in providing these products for review. I absolutely recommend the products and as long as you can find the combination of products that suit your hair type, I think you’ll be equally impressed. Have you tried bhave before? Let me know in the comments below if you have or if you are keen to give them a go.

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