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Yesterday my partner, Adrian, got up and started getting ready for a day of filming. He had a shower, got dressed, brushed his teeth and sprayed on a sample of aftershave that was part of a set I gave him as a Christmas gift. I woke up instantly, my eyes almost watering. “That’s a strong one, isn’t it?” I commented. By the time I made to the bathroom my head was pounding, I felt sick in my stomach, and the scent was so strong that I just couldn’t stay in there any longer. A shower was going to have to wait. I ended up calling in sick at work and spending most of the day hiding out on the couch as far away from the bathroom as possible. If you clicked on the scent button hoping to find lots of reviews of perfumes, I’m sorry but I just can’t deliver.

I have to tell people that I am just a headachy person when they begin to notice the frequency that I’m affected.  I get headaches all the time and it seems that no matter what I do I can’t avoid getting them. Now days I just avoid my known triggers and keep a supply of pain killers on hand for when things get unbearable. I have also started making a real effort to drink plenty of water and see my massage therapist when I feel as though muscle tension is causing more headaches than normal. I’d love to get massages more often but then I’d have to cut back on beauty purchases and that is an unspeakable thought!

One of the most noticeable headache triggers for me is scents; they don’t even need to be overly strong, if a fragrance is on my skin, or in a confined space that I also happen to be occupying (like a car), then the pounding starts. I have all but given up on wearing perfume, even though I have a reasonable collection of fragrances that I like, I just can’t have them on me.

I make up for this unfortunate condition by being a complete candle whore. I adore candles and they are perfect for adding a subtle fragrance to an open space. I very rarely get a headache from a candle, even the strong ones.

So there you have it folks. Scent on mainly refers to home scents like candles, melts, reeds and the occasional room spray. I’ll definitely report on any pressing fragrance news that catches my eye though, and maybe review some of my absolute favourites that continue to taunt me even though they are hidden away in a drawer (some featured above). Luckily there are many other great sites for you scent lovers to get your fix, especially Portia over at Australian Perfume Junkies/.

Perfume is such a personal choice anyway, nobody can really say if you are going to like something until you try it yourself. Get your nose and the coffee beans ready and get sampling. Good luck!

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