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And so here we are at part three of my Bésame Cosmetics series. It’s time to see these babies in action. Bésame Cosmetics is no doubt a retro/vintage inspired range that covers a number of decades, but overall I really feel the 1930/1940s vibe. We haven’t yet hit the cutesy 1950s, and high glamour is the order of the day. Think of famous actresses gracing the silver screen  at the time, Rita Hayworth, Vivien Leigh and Greta Garbo. Here is a great list of the top 100 actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Era for inspiration. So let’s get started on creating this Old Hollywood Glamour look.

To start with, I set my hair the night before in foam rollers and brushed it out quite vigorously with a vent brush when I woke up. Although I smoothed the top a little with some glossing spray, I was ok with a bit of frizz. I wanted a softer look, nothing too sculpted. I then applied my foundation, concealer and some neutral eye shadow. What I should have done next was use the Mascara Cream as an eyeliner, but I just didn’t think of it at the time. I used my trusty MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack to create the thick liner and wing. I also filled in my brows with a powder and then I was ready for the Bésame products.

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The first thing I tried from the range was the Mascara Cream, no explanation needed. You can also read my full review on each of the products here.

Besame VL Post1Besame VL Post4

Next was the Cream Rouge in Apricot.

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I applied the cream rouge quite generously to the apples of my cheeks with my fingertips and blended it outwards and upwards. I was thrilled with how easy this product blends and how sheer it is. You can really build up the coverage but it’s unlikely that you’ll mess up the application with the first swipe.

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Onto the Violet Brightening powder.

Besame VL Post11

I tapped this under my eyes and across my face using the included puff. There is no discernible colour and the powder is so soft and fine that it is not cakey at all. It has a really nice mattifying quality and is now part of my every day routine (along with the rouge which I can’t enough of).

Besame VL Post12

Finally it was on to the pièce de résistance, Bésame’s lipstick in Red Hot Red, a shade inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

Besame VL Post5

These lipsticks come with instructions (how cute) and advise to use the points of the product to line your lips first…

Besame VL Post6

…then fill in with a brush or the flat side of the lipstick.

Besame VL Post7

Enter the Old Hollywood, Silver Screen Siren!

Besame VL Post13

I am blown away by the quality of these products, and at how much enjoyment I get from injecting a little glamour into my ordinary days. I use my Bésame products every day which is definitely a sign of how wonderful they are. If you’re tempted to give them a try, I can highly recommend everything I have tried, and more than likely, everything else too!


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