FPotions PostAs a 30-something year old mum it’s not very often that I get to tell my workmates on a Friday afternoon that I’m going out clubbing that evening. Or that I even contemplate the thought of staying up past midnight in high heels rather than pyjamas. However, last Friday a friend was flying in from interstate to DJ at a club and I wanted to be there to offer my support, as good friends should. So a night out clubbing it was, and I needed reinforcements.

Sitting at the back of my pantry was the very thing I needed to see me through the night and rise and shine the next morning, Faust’s Potions. I bought the Recovery Pack, containing one Awake Potion and one Asleep Potion from the Australian stockist Bella Box and have been holding on to them, waiting for the  perfect opportunity to try them out and report on their claims to ‘help nurture your body when you need it most.’ That moment had finally arrived.

I just couldn’t resist these darling little vials when I first saw them online. There is something so retro and chic about the image of the travelling apothecary cart dolling out tonics to restore the health and wellbeing of passers-by. Founder Nina Faust established Faust’s Potions with an idea of marketing her nutritional supplement to professionals. Though, launching at music festivals in the UK has given Faust’s Potions more of a cult status amongst those who like to work hard and play harder. The olde world charm of the branding coupled with a state of the art formulation is what sets this product apart from its more recognisable competitors.

FPotions half page Post 1When I got home from work on Friday afternoon I set about getting prettied up and took the Awake Potion as I was lining my stomach with margherita pizza. The orange flavoured tonic is said to be stimulating and restoring and contains ingredients such as green tea, guarana and ginseng. It also includes N-Acetyl Cysteine which is ‘an amino acid and powerful anti-oxidant that neutralises toxic alcohol by-products and protects cells against the damaging effects of alcohol,’ according to the Faust’s website. The taste is pleasant, and I downed it in 2 gulps without needing to dilute in water as suggested on the vial as optional.

Arriving at the venue I was a little disheartened to find out that my friend was not starting his set until after 12:30am and I had a few hours to kill before we see him doing his DJ thing. I ordered a Skittle Bomb (Cointreau and Red Bull) followed by a Vodka Cranberry and settled myself at a table outside for a long overdue catch up. After two more rounds of drinks and watching young things shake their barely clad bodies to music I’ve never heard of before, I finally stepped through my front door at around 2:30am. It was way past my bedtime, but surprisingly my eyes were still open.

FPotions half page Post 2After having a hot shower to wash away the remnants of once flawlessly applied makeup, I cracked open the second potion from the Recovery pack, the Asleep Potion. Usually I have trouble winding down after a night of loud music so I had high hopes that the (also pleasant tasting) red berry flavoured liquid was going to work its magic. This potion contains the ingredient 5HTP (5hydroxytryptophane) which, ‘helps raise low or depleted serotonin levels. When taken before going to bed it can improve sleep and relaxation (ease of falling asleep, length and quality of sleep).’

I must have fallen asleep quite quickly because the next thing I knew it was 6am. A sip of lemonade and a quick trip to the loo and before I knew it my clock was saying 10am and my alarm was reminding me that mum duties started again in an hour. I felt unexpectedly good all day Saturday which is unusual for me because while I hadn’t indulged in an excessive amount of alcohol, I often feel depleted from a late night combined with the loud music, high heels and foul air in nightclubs.

Overall I am impressed with the results from these gorgeous little ampoules. I was able to stay awake and hold a conversation past midnight and actually stayed on my feet and kept my heels on all the way back to the car. That’s an achievement in itself. But the real success is in the decent sleep and then being able to function as normal for the whole next day. I suffer quite badly from headaches in my day-to-day life and a night out is almost a guaranteed recipe for a sore head the next day. Not this time though, I was pain free.

FPotions Post 2

I have two more Recovery Packs tucked carefully in the back of the cupboard and I can honestly say that I will be reaching for them the next time I have a night out planned. After working a full week I want to be able to enjoy the next wedding, birthday party or girls night out with friends. I don’t want to be having fantasies about climbing into bed before the cake has been cut, and I certainly don’t want to waste time on a hangover the next day.  I recommend Faust’s Potions to anyone who is in need of a little extra sparkle to complete their day or night. Don’t be held to the notion that the tonics are only for nights out either, I’ll be sipping on an Asleep Potion the night before an exciting job interview or taking an Awake Potion after staying up late working to a deadline. These supplements can be taken to suit you, no matter what life throws your way.

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Australian Stockist: Bella Box
Price: $39.80 (buy 4 get 2 free)
Shipping: $6.95
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