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Who is Shanghai Suzy?

There’s a new girl on the street when it comes to affordable lipsticks in great fashion colours with comfortable matte and satin finishes. Actually that’s a lie, Shanghai Suzy isn’t that new, but Joanna Wheaton’s famed lipstick brand is to me. Thanks to my informed sister Lizzie, I’ve finally seen the light. Come, join me to check out Lizzie’s impressive collection and be enlightened! Read more…

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The 5 New Must-Have Makeup Items

The world of cosmetics is constantly evolving, and along with it are trends that sweep the world in a matter of weeks thanks to YouTube, Instagram and Beauty Bloggers. Need to know what’s hot in the world of makeup right now? Ever heard of contouring or tubing mascara? Read on for the 5 newest must haves from the international beauty set! Read more…

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The Ultimate Makeup Storage Solution

When you have as much makeup as I do, it’s inevitable that some of it is going to get shoved in a drawer or cupboard and never see the light of day. What a waste! What you need is a stylish and practical storage solution. If only there was such a thing… Read more…


New In – Benjabelle Brush Tree

Urgh, washing brushes is such a pain. Once you finally work up the motivation to do it, you end up with a bathroom full of damp brushes hanging over every available surface and nowhere to brush your teeth. This is where the ingenious Benjabelle Brush Tree comes in. Read more…

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The Look – Ballet Performance

I was given the important task of beautifying Isabel for her recent ballet dress rehearsal. It was beyond exciting; the brief even included mention of red lipstick! Was it going to be the fun mother/daughter bonding time I had always dreamed of, or would it all end in tears? Read more…

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