Tried and Tested


Beston Marketplace Food Hampers and Oziris App

A couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out the new gourmet food hampers from Beston Marketplace and their companion app, Oziris. Oziris tracks where your food item has come from, ie, where it was produced and the route it took to arrive on your table. Why would you care about all the stops your food made on its way to you? Read more…

Martini Thumbnail

The Beauty and Food Dirty Martini

I’ve recently jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon and while swooning over perfectly groomed men and wishing I was Joan Harris, I’ve become cocktail obsessed. Cocktails have their place in dedicated establishments but you just can’t order a Mai Tai or an Old Fashioned at your local pub. So? Make your own! Read more…