I love going grocery shopping! I love browsing each aisle and seeing what’s new and what‘s on special. I get ideas when I see pictures on boxes or packet mixes, even if I don’t end up buying the product. I don’t even mind doubling back when I forget something from the list that’s being crumpled at the bottom of my handbag. But the one part of supermarket shopping that I hate is the fruit and vegetables. I dread that part, and going to a green grocer is even worse. Why? I think it’s the variety; I never know what’s in season, how long it’s been there or where it was grown. Then there is the way you can never quite be sure of the cost, especially if you can only see the price per weight. Urgh, I just don’t enjoy it at all. What I do like though is bringing home a big shop of lovely fresh fruit and veggies. I work out what to cook for the week, chop and prepare the bigger things, and look forward to the upcoming breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I love fruit and veggies, I just don’t want to shop for them.

By know you should know what I’m about to say… I found the solution.

For the past few months I’ve been using Adelaide delivery service Fruit en Route and I LOVE THEM! Honestly I do. I get a ‘couples’ delivery every fortnight which costs me $39 ($35 + $4 delivery) and that lasts fairly well for the 3 of us. I’ve run out of some things and have left overs of others by the time the next delivery comes around.

It works like this:
For $35 you get a box made up of a variety of things off a master list which changes with what is in season. You don’t get everything, but also you can opt out of anything you really don’t want. I always have ‘no’ ticked for capsicum and sometimes I’ll say ‘no’ to lettuce as I find it lasts ages. Once you’ve selected your box you can add extra things which get added to the cost. There is a huge selection of fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, condiments etc. Sometimes I’ll add extra veggies if I have something in mind to cook, but mostly I just get what they select for me.

Fruit en Route sources the produce in the morning (local wherever possible) and delivers in the afternoon. My deliveries are usually there before I get home and I just leave out the polystyrene esky from the last delivery for them to collect. Payments are processed at the end of each week. My delivery day is Tuesday so my card gets charged on Friday. Plus is takes me less than a minute to order, talk about a time saver!

Every single time I crack open my esky I’m so happy with everything I get. It’s so fresh and the variety and quantities are useable. But what impressed me the most is the value for money. The picture above is of the delivery I received this week. Yes, all that for $39! To really prove my point though I went onto the Coles and Woolworths online shopping sites and did a price comparison. See for yourself!

Item Quantity Coles Woolworths
Watermelon ¼ 2.86 2.22
Pumpkin (Kent) 2.5Kg 7.16 8.70
Brown Onions 3 1.61 1.35
Sweet Potato 2 (1.14 Kg) 4.78 3.98
Lettuce (Iceberg) 1 2.48 2.98
Carrots 7 (750g) 2.95 2.38
Pears (Red) 7 (1.17Kg) 2.38 4.20
Apples (Golden Del) 6 (803g) 5.40 6.30
Broccoli 2 (786g) 4.07 2.04
Sweetcorn 1 .50 .74
Plums (Black Diamond) 6 (688g) 3.96 5.40
Tomatoes 5 (700g) 4.89 6.30
Grapes 980g 3.18 3.98
Mushrooms 329g 2.20 (200g) 2.75 (250g)
Honeydew Melon ½ 2.90 2.98 (Rockmelon)
Total Cost $39 – Incl. delivery $51.32 $56.30

I highly recommend Fruit en Route for all my Adelaidian friends, but I bet if you did a quick Google search you can find an equally awesome fresh delivery service in your area. If you’re like me and get overwhelmed at the green grocer and fruit and veg section of the supermarket then just get it delivered. When you don’t have to choose your items, it’s even better!

Check out Fruit en Route here:



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