‘Australian stockist’ – Ah those words are music to my ears! I feel like Christmas has come early when I find an item to covet and then discover that I can buy it in store or online from somewhere local. It happens all too often that I see something amazing on a blog or YouTube video and then I can’t get my hands on it easily. The worst is when it’s a totally unique product that I have never seen before or something limited edition, then it totally sucks. Thankfully this heartbreaking situation did not occur after I watched a review from EmilyNoel89 – Beauty Broadcast Express – on YouTube a few weeks ago. I was ecstatic to find Vegan Beauty the Australian stockist of Benjabelle Brush Trees.

When I saw Emily demonstrating and talking about the Benjabelle Brush Tree, I just knew I had to have one; it’s such an ingenious idea! Brushes can be expensive and a good brush is invaluable. I don’t want to throw money away by ruining a perfectly good brush when I’m trying to do the right thing. We all know that washing brushes is a pain, you deserve a pat on the back when you wash your brushes and a round of applause if you do it more than once a month. The most annoying part of brush cleaning, for me, is the drying process. If you dry them flat they end up all over your bathroom cabinet or cluttering up your dressing table and the water that doesn’t have anywhere to drain away can break down the glue that holds the bristles in place and fatally damage the brush. If you dry your brushes upright with the bristles facing toward the ceiling, well that’s beauty blasphemy and you better stop that right now!

Enter the Brush Tree. This clever little invention from Ben and Jan of Wisconsin, USA, has it all covered; dry your brushes the right way up and keep them all neatly together with plenty of air circulation. Added bonus: it comes in PINK!


The Brush Tree is collapsible arrived perfectly packaged from Vegan Beauty in its own flat pack. Assembling it is simply a matter of slotting the stand together and clicking it into the top section. I ordered the Daisy size which holds 2 large brushes, 4 medium and 8 thinner eye and lip brushes. There are a range of other sizes and accessories available which you can see on the Benjabelle website.

The brush grippers are made from silicone and can accommodate a variety of sized brushes; you pop them through the slits in the silicone (from the bottom) and voilà, there they stay until they are dry and ready for use again. To remove your brushes just pull them all the way through the gripper, handle first.


I really love the idea of the brush tree; it’s so clever and most importantly – simple! If you look after your brushes you’ll get so much more use from them and better results. Dirty brushes spread bacteria, don’t distribute product evenly and break down faster than if you can spend a few minutes on a Sunday night giving them a wash. With the Benjabelle Brush Tree they’ll be dry by Monday morning. Get one!

Purchase Details

Australian Stockist: Vegan Beauty
Price: $29.95
Shipping: $9.95

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