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I very rarely need anything from the health and beauty aisle at the supermarket, but that doesn’t stop me from walking down it every single time I do a grocery shop and browsing through the products. Almost every week I pick up those health food powders that you’re meant to add to water and drink, which sprout claims to be full of antioxidants or promote immunity. I end up returning them to the shelf when I remind myself that I don’t need to spend $25 on powdered seaweed and other revolting sounding plant life. This week I was good though, I walked right on by the health section and was almost home free when I spotted the sale stickers on the Dirty Works products, oh Coles, you got me!

Dirty Works is a brand that, to me, is a dupe of Soap and Glory. They both sport similar retro styled packaging and the most adorable product names, but the best part is that both brands have the same unique scent. Dirty Works body products in the blue packaging smells the same as Soap and Glory! (The purple packaging is coconut scented). I stood there for a few minutes, picking up each tube and tub and agonising over which one product I would allow myself until finally I settled on the Buff your stuff Body Scrub. I was about to throw that baby into the trolley when something on a lower shelf caught my eye.

I reckon every woman has a collection of pivotal beauty moments that, combined, contribute to the products and practices she employs in her current skincare and makeup routine. As I stood there, suddenly questioning my selection of body scrub due to the introduction of a surprise contender, I was transported back to one of those moments.

I was 19, and preparing to go with my best friend and get my first ever spray tan. I had read in a magazine that the key to the perfect spray tan was exfoliation (duh), not only that but exfoliating on the two days before and the day of the spraying. I had armed myself with the scrubbiest scrub I could find, L’Oreal Exfotonic. This scrub was housed in a green tub and was itself a jewel green colour that shimmered due to the polyethylene (plastic) particles which gave it it’s signature rough texture. Gosh it was rough. It was so thick you had to get your whole hand in the tub and scoop it out, and even better for tanning, it had a detergent base so it didn’t leave any residue on the skin. I loved that stuff! After following the instructions to scrub myself from head to toe three times, I went along for the tan and what do you know? The tan came out perfect and lasted really well. Unfortunately it was all too much effort for me and so I never jumped on the tanning bandwagon, but I can honestly say the few times I’ve gone, I’ve never had a bad experience.

By now you must know what I spotted on the shelf below the Dirty Works. Only it wasn’t L’Oreal Exfotonic anymore, it’s Garnier Bodytonic Sugar Scrub and it’s yellow. But I swear, it’s the same!

What a decision; there is only one thing for a girl to do in a situation like this. Ok fine, you convinced me. I’ll get both!

Dirty Works – Buff your stuff Body Scrub

This body scrub says that it will do what you expect from the name, buff away roughness, but it also claims to contain Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E to condition the skin. It lists polyethylene and pecan shell powder as the scrubby particles and you can definitely see the brown pecan shells in the product. As I said above, it smells just like Soap and Glory, a synthetic sweet, soapy scent that I really like because it reminds me of pink, and it’s not too strong. The base for this scrub is like a creamy shower gel, it lathers into nice large bubbles and doesn’t feel drying on the skin. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s moisturising – it lists sodium laureth sulphate as the second ingredient – but it’s certainly not stripping either. The scrubbiness is on the rough side with the polyethylene and pecan shells being rather large, although it’s not overly dense. The look of this when you squirt it into your hand is a white, creamy gel with brown flecks evenly distributed throughout. Overall, I like it. It’s a nice medium grade scrub that smells fresh and clean and does a good job of smoothing skin on the body.

Garnier – Bodytonic Sugar Scrub

Apart from being yellow, this stuff is identical to the L’Oreal scrub I talked about above. It uses polyethylene for the exfoliating properties and even though the label goes to great length to mention ‘sugar’ it doesn’t appear on the ingredient list until the 4th last item. There are no moisturising properties but the product doesn’t claim to be hydrating in any way, only to exfoliate and smooth the skin. I like the scent of this scrub too, I suppose it’s a citrusy scent, and it has an element of soapiness to it. Bodytonic also contains sodium laureth sulphate but as opposed to the Dirty Works it has a very fine, soft lather. Plastic particles make this a satisfyingly rough scrub and I think it’s more densely packed with scrubby bits than the Buff your stuff. This really is the perfect scrub to prepare for a fake tan and I have no doubt that just one thorough application would be sufficient.

This review was never meant to be a competition between these two products to decide which one was better, they are both great. However if you are picking between the two then hopefully you have found the one that suits your needs. I like both of these scrubs and really the only way I’ll pick which one to use is by the scent I feel like at the time.

Happy scrubbing!


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