Natura Siberica Bath Salts – Take Me To Siberia

A few months ago I was sent a generous gift from Natura Siberica: the Revitalising Siberian Bath Salts. As soon as I took off the lid I knew the fragrance wouldn’t agree with the headaches I was getting. Now, with my headaches under control I’m finally able to give these a try and I am thankful I waited and didn’t ruin the experience by using them when I wasn’t feeling well. Read more…

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Iris Practice Bath Salts from Daylesford Victoria

If you love a long hot soak in a steaming bath and have a penchant for gorgeous natural products then these bath salts are for you. Brimming with therapeutic salts, herbs and essential oils there is no doubt that you will feel like a new person after bathing in the potent magical water that Iris Practice’s ingredients combine to create. Go on, treat yourself! Read more…