Introducing Angelic Lily – Botanical Skincare

People are so gosh-darn inspiring these days. Angelica Fabian-Varga has created her own skin care line from her desire to produce products that are 100% natural and made from botanical ingredients. She sent me a gorgeous package so that I could try her range and let you all know what I think. Did I like it? Do you like roast dinners? What am I talking about?  Read more…

Hair Thumbnail

bhave Haircare – An Unexpected Review

I know, I know, I said I don’t review hair products, or talk about hair in general but even a hair novice like me needs shampoo and conditioner. bhave is a great Aussie brand that offers products that are free of nasty ingredients and will keep all hair types in tip-top condition. Have you heard of them? See what I think and maybe you’ll give them a try.  Read more…

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Who is Shanghai Suzy?

There’s a new girl on the street when it comes to affordable lipsticks in great fashion colours with comfortable matte and satin finishes. Actually that’s a lie, Shanghai Suzy isn’t that new, but Joanna Wheaton’s famed lipstick brand is to me. Thanks to my informed sister Lizzie, I’ve finally seen the light. Come, join me to check out Lizzie’s impressive collection and be enlightened! Read more…

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(OH) My, It’s Vegan Pampering Time, Deer!

I’m continually amazed by the amount of hidden talent we have here in South Australia. The brave souls who are out there realising their dreams. One of these inspirational people is Sharni from Oh Deer Sugar, who I discovered when I stumbled across the brand on Facebook. I was keen to meet her and find out all about her vegan bodycare range.  Read more…

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The Ultimate Makeup Storage Solution

When you have as much makeup as I do, it’s inevitable that some of it is going to get shoved in a drawer or cupboard and never see the light of day. What a waste! What you need is a stylish and practical storage solution. If only there was such a thing… Read more…

The Satay Hut

Instant Gratification: The Satay Hut

It can be uninspiring buying lunch from the same old places, especially if your office location means you need to get in your car to find something different. Enter the Food Truck. I am now spoiled for choice with the introduction of Mobile Food Vendors right on my doorstep. Read more…

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