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The top 5 things I’ve Learned From Lisa Eldridge

British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is undoubtedly the queen of makeup on YouTube. She may not have the most subscribers, the most uploads, or the most watched videos, but when you take into account her celebrity clients, magazine editorials, and newly released book on the history of makeup, she certainly takes the crown. Read more…

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The Science of Sunscreen with Katherine Engel

Do you know how sunscreen works? Do you know how to use it to protect your skin from damaging UV rays that cause premature ageing and cancer? Ever worn sunscreen and still got burnt? You need to read this post by Katherine Engel from Chrysalis Medispa! She talks us through the science of sunscreen.
 Read more…

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Thornhill Lane Biodynamics – Butters and Oils

I’m getting a reputation! Another lovely Aussie small business contacted me and asked if I would try their products. Let me introduce you to Thornhill Lane Biodynamics. Created by Stefania and her family, these skincare products are 100% natural and organic, made with biodynamic plants and herbs.  Read more…


A Tale of Dry Lips – LÜK Beautifood Lip Nourish

Do you suffer from dry lips that no balm seems to heal? Have you tried every lip product known to man and still no relief? Join the club! After suffering with dry, flaky and cracked lips for my whole life I stumbled on a piece of information that made perfect sense, and now I’m on the road to recovery. Could it be the answer for you too? Read on! Read more…


Introducing Angelic Lily – Botanical Skincare

People are so gosh-darn inspiring these days. Angelica Fabian-Varga has created her own skin care line from her desire to produce products that are 100% natural and made from botanical ingredients. She sent me a gorgeous package so that I could try her range and let you all know what I think. Did I like it? Do you like roast dinners? What am I talking about?  Read more…

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Introducing Shanghai Lil and the Scarlet Fez

I can’t help myself when I go to markets and see amazing, locally made products. I just have to get in contact with people and ask them to feature on my blog. Luckily most people are happy to give me their time and let me invade their space to find out about their products. Let me introduce you to Mark, he makes the most beautiful vegan soap and skincare!  Read more…

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Stop the Scrub and Embrace the Acid

Face scrubs have recently taken a hit in the popularity stakes after it was revealed that synthetic plastic microbeads were causing damage to our precious marine life. Luckily there is another way to exfoliate which is not only safer for the environment, but also better for our skin. Acids might sound scary, but trust me, you’ll love them.  Read more…

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Official Launch – LUSH Rundle Mall!

Something big was happening in Rundle Mall last night. Something sweetly scented and skin smoothing. Did you guess? Lush Adelaide re-opened it’s doors after a gorgeous store makeover and threw a party to celebrate. I was among the first few lucky ladies to get inside for a peek.  Read more…

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