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EDIT: The Fakery Bakery is no longer at the Adelaide Central Market. Please see their Facebook page for stockists and info on placing custom orders. Link at the end of this post.

‘Vegan is NOT a dirty word,’ proclaims the sign for The Fakery Bakery, a slogan thought up by Emma Summerton’s mum when Emma decided to rebrand her cupcake business into a wholly egg and dairy free range of sweet and savoury baked goods. I have to be honest, at first I didn’t ‘get’ the meaning behind the use of the word dirty. When I see that a product is vegan, be it a food or cosmetic, I never think that the item must somehow be inferior, but Emma says this is often the perception that vegan companies are up against. She tells me that at the recent re-opening of the Lush Adelaide store, for which she supplied the cupcakes, people waiting in line turned down the scrumptious looking treats and even tossed them into the bin when they discovered they were vegan. I just can’t believe some people!

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After seeing the yummy looking cupcakes at the Lush party, but not getting to taste any, I decided to give Emma a call and find out if she would let me come down to her pop-up stall in The Central Market and feature her on Beauty and Food. To my delight, she kindly agreed.

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Emma explained that the space at stall 61 became available through Renew Adelaide, a non-profit organisation that works to provide opportunities to young and emerging entrepreneurs and keep empty spaces within Adelaide’s urban areas full and vibrant. She jumped at the offer to fill the space for a few weeks and set up her own little oasis in the bustling shopping hub. She’s not sure how long The Fakery Bakery will be able to stay in the space but judging by the loyalty of her regular customers, she’ll be sorely missed when it’s time to move on.

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After maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle for many years Emma decided to commit to a vegan diet as the sun rose on January 1st, 2011. She understands the difficulties that people choosing to avoid consuming animal products and by-products face when purchasing vegan products and maintains a strict vegan-only kitchen and premises.  The Fakery Bakery does not offer any non-vegan items, however all but one of their cupcake flavours (Cookies and Cream) can be made gluten free to order.

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Ever since she was a little girl Emma wanted to be a chef and in pursuit of her dream completed both a certificate III in Commercial Cookery and Certificate III in retail baking in 2006. The experience cemented her love of cooking but interestingly turned her away from commercial kitchens. “I decided that I didn’t want to work with other chefs,” she says, instead preferring the freedom that owning a small business affords. That same year she received her first order of one hundred cupcakes for a wedding and idea for The Cupcake Emporium was born, launching over three years ago.

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Emma made her first batch of Vegan Cupcakes for her 21st birthday and laughs as she recounts what a disaster they were.  “They were very dense and hard. I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting that original recipe into the one we use today. Now people tell me they can’t tell the difference between my cupcakes and non-vegan ones.” After making the switch to veganism herself she decided to rebrand The Cupcake Emporium into The Fakery Bakery, a decision which was supported by her fiancée Tain, who Emma says has successfully been trained to help her with the never ending days and nights of baking.

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Together Emma and Tain bake everything from home and often take over her parents’ kitchen which has a bigger oven. All items that are sold at the pop-up store, though stockists or made to order are baked fresh the day before. To stock the market stall each day they bake for around 6 hours, but they can sometimes spend up to 18 hours baking for big orders. Tain also helps out by manning the stall so Emma can bake for the run of Thursday/Friday/Saturday trading days without a day’s break in between.

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The set-up at stall 61 (across from The Mushroom Man and The Yoghurt Shop) is complete with comfy chairs and couches so you can grab a sweet or savoury snack and enjoy some time out with a book or catch up with friends. It’s also the perfect place to meet; a little sanctuary among the crowds that the market tends to attract. The Fakery Bakery also serves organic, Australian made tea, handmade by Tea for Who.

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Adrian and I weren’t going to leave empty handed and picked up a box of four cupcakes; Ferrero Rocher, Cookies and Cream, Banana Split and Chai Style which was gluten free. I can safely report that they are as delicious as they look and very affordable at $16 for a box of 4. After chatting with Emma I have no doubt that everything she bakes is of the highest quality and guaranteed to please vegans and non-vegans alike.

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Make sure you check out The Fakery Bakery while it lasts at stall 61 in The Adelaide Central Market, open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Also be sure to pop over to the Facebook page for details about products, stockists and how to place custom orders! Thanks for having me Emma, it was a pleasure.

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