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When I was in Melbourne at the beginning of this year I had a little blowout on makeup. I spent quite a bit of hard earned cash (mine and my boyfriend’s) but didn’t come back with loads of products. You know why? Yep, I got those expensive things I’d had my eye on for ages but couldn’t bring myself to buy. Everyone knows that I can put together a flawless face using makeup that costs less than $20 a piece, but it’s such a luxury to own and use something with a bit of prestige.

With my Armani foundation, Hourglass powder and Nars lipsticks now needing a home, I had a slight problem. I longed for a storage solution which would meet a very particular list of criteria.

  1. Let me see and access all of my makeup and tools easily
  2. Protect my products from damage and dust
  3. Keep everything in one place and looking neat
  4. Be able to organise products into categories for ease of application

It didn’t take me long to research the ideal solution because not only does it meet everything on my wish-list but it has a ton of glowing reviews and was a cinch to order online. Let me introduce you to the Ettica Makeup Cube.

This clear acrylic set of drawers is perfect to hold (almost) all of my makeup. You can purchase various sizes and add ons to futher customise it to your needs. I ended up getting the classic 5 drawer cube, 2 lipstick holders, 2 brush holders, a top compartment and a pack of dividers. I can see everything and it looks so stylish. I love it. Total cost was $211 with one of the brush holders included for free. Does that sound like a lot of money? I don’t think it is. This baby is absolutely perfect for me and that makes it worth every cent.

My Ettica Cube and accessories arrived in just 3 days and it was packaged really well, nothing damaged or marked. I was so impressed when I got it out of the box, I just hoped it would fit everything. I didn’t end up using all of the dividers but I can’t stress enough how handy the lipstick and brush holders are. Definitely add them to your order if you decide to buy one of these beauties. Don’t just take my word for how great these cubes are, have a look below and let the pictures do the talking.

PS – love my turquoise kitchen trolley? It’s from Ikea!

Ettica Post 1 Ettica Post 2 Ettica Post 3 Ettica Post 4

Purchase Details

Online Store: Ettica
Price: $211 (One brush holder provided free)
Postage: Included
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