Here is a list of fast facts about me that might help put my reviews of skincare and makeup products into context, and perhaps help you to get an idea if a product might be suited to your skin type or colouring.


Skin Type: Oily

Sensitive: No

Breakouts: Infrequent (once a month)

Main Concerns: Blackheads, milia around eyes, oil control

Note: I have recently (Dec 2013) ceased taking the birth control pill, which previously controlled some of my oiliness. My skin is truly oily all over and as a result I am dealing with some subclinical acne on my forehead (bumpy, rough, oily, but no actual blemishes forming).


Face shape: Oval

Skin colour: Light with yellow undertones

Eyes: Grey

Lips: Dry/chapped

Hair: Medium/dark brown

Concerns: Even out skin tone, oil control, lasting power.

Look: I prefer a natural look for daytime and often opt for a vintage style makeup (and outfit) if I am going out.

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