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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the accounts you follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can make you seem like an all-knowing beauty goddess when it comes to new cosmetic launches. On the flip side, if you’re not following the right accounts then amazing new developments in the cosmetics world can come and go without even a single blip on your radar. Unfortunately, the latter is what happened to me with the launch, and subsequent fervour, of Joanna Wheaton’s Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks.

Last week my sister, Lizzie, mentioned to me that she had a collection of 20 Shanghai Suzy lipsticks and that I should do a post on them. “Ok,” I said, “bring them around.” When she came through the door and began to unpack the sleek black tubes I had to ask her, “so what’s the story with these again?” To be honest, now I see them all over my Instagram feed, and of course I started following the brand as well, but I’m not really sure how these managed to launch and be in their third release before I got my hands on one.

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Joanna Wheaton is a Melbourne girl who is all about lipstick! She says on her website that she aspired to own a makeup brand that was always going to produce nothing but lipsticks. It seems like a smart choice because all of her effort is spent perfecting that one product, so it’s logical that these lippies should represent perfection. And, to Shanghai Suzy fans, they do. Lizzie raves about the colours, the formulas, the grape bubblegum scent, and of course the fabulously affordable price. She also laments the fact that her collection remains 5 shades short, as she too jumped on the Shanghai Suzy bandwagon late enough to miss out on obtaining the entire first release.

All of the Shanghai Suzy shades are limited edition, with a new collection released every six months featuring 8 on-trend fashion trades. There was also a special limited edition shade ‘The Gossling’, bringing the total collection to-date to 25 shades. Lizzie is missing 5 of the original release, and is still scouring the interwebs trying to track them down.

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Why does she love them so much? “The formulas are just so good,” she says. “The matte formula isn’t drying at all, and if you follow the application tips on the website you get such a good finish.” Both Lizzie and I suffer from hereditary (in my opinion) dry flaky lips and so saying that the matte ones aren’t drying is really impressive. “Plus they are so cheap,” she assures me, and at $12.95 a piece, she’s not wrong. When I mention that I might pick some up for myself she encourages me to take advantage of the buy 3 get one free offer, and you can pick up the entire current collection for $65.

Lizzie also loves the colours. She is currently obsessed with the bright purple Miss Ally Amethyst, and surprisingly (her words) loves the unusual Miss Maxima Burnt Orange. I’m constantly on the lookout for the perfect nude and so I borrowed Miss Leah Baby Cocoa, which has the ‘nourish formula,’ described as ‘super moisturising with a slight sheen.’ It’s the perfect colour for my skin tone and although it’s not overly long lasting, it feels great on my lips and doesn’t leave that sticky build up between the lips as it wears away. It’s on my wishlist for sure. Lizzie reports that the matte colours are very enduring when applied thickly as Joanna suggests. I’m eyeing off a few of the bright ones myself, especially Miss Christina Neon Guava.

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If you are wondering where the cute girly names come from, Lizzie tells me that Joanna names them after her friends. Surely she will run out of friends at some stage, and when that happens I hope to see a Miss Sunshine Nici Pinkalicious Pink, hint hint! Also, the heads up is that come 2015, the next collection’s packaging is going to undergo a makeover. Poor Lizzie is torn at this revelation, the completionist in her wants thousands of lipsticks all matching, but a revamp is always fun and exciting. She‘s also got her fingers and toes crossed that some of the original colours may be relaunched, especially the now classic, Miss Emma Taupe.

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Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are available directly from the website, which also features a list of Australian stockists. I’m still deciding which shades I’ll get with the buy 3 get one free offer, but I’ve got feeling that it won’t be the only order I make. Have you tried Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks? Which are your must-have shades and which ones are on your wishlist?

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