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I have settled down at my computer to write this post about three times now, I try to find the words to begin but they just won’t come. One of the main reasons is because up until a week ago I was preparing to write that these lip products had unfortunately not been the answer to my dry lip issues that I so desperately wanted them to be.

As I have said before, I suffer from very dry lips. All. The. Time. Nothing I do, and no product has ever worked to alleviate the dry, flaky and cracked skin that always plagues me. My sister is the same and it was her rave reviews of the Lip Nourish from LÜK Beautifood that saw me contacting Cindy Luken for a chat about her revolutionary products. She kindly sent me two of the flavours, the lightest and darkest shades, and I was so excited to try them. After using them for a few weeks I was disheartened. These lip balms are really nice, don’t get me wrong. They do feel nourishing, the packaging is luxe and the scent is so yummy, but I was still waking up with cracked lips. Maybe nothing was going to help.

Then a week or so ago, while I was on holidays, I read an article which talked about sleeping with your mouth open as a reason for dry lips. It made so much sense. I do sleep with my mouth open and on occasion I wake up gasping for air as my throat is so dry. I tried consciously keeping my lips together when I lay in bed and I noticed something. When I’m propped up, I can do it no worries. When I lay down, I feel like I’m suffocating. I, and remember I’m not a health professional, am sure this has something to do with weird sinus issues and the headaches that I’ve been getting for years. There is nothing I can do to magically solve the problem but I’m slowly working through some things that might help. I got myself a humidifier for my bedside table, I’m learning some facial acupressure points and massaging them each day, and I’m going to try some allergy medication to rule out any possible bedroom triggers. Hopefully that will help with the headaches, breathing issues and the dry lips.


In the meantime I really am making an effort to keep my mouth closed as I lay in bed and also coat my lips in the Vanilla Cinnamon Lip Nourish. It hasn’t completely healed my lips but it’s helped so much, more than anything else I have tried. I’m glad I waited to write this review, and now that you have context, I can say that I do recommend this product, wholeheartedly.

I phoned up Cindy to get the low down on her products and the philosophy behind LÜK Beautifood. Cindy is all about the food. I could paraphrase but here are the facts directly from her website: “I have a B. App. Sci. in Food & Nutrition, an Honorary Master of Science from Newcastle University for my contribution to the world of food and science, cooked for Prince Charles and Lady Di and got sticky fingers creating Sara Lee’s Ice cream. With my business Luken & May we baked about 30 million bikkies pa and I can dish up dinner to 2 fussy kids. I love to cook, be outdoors, tend my kitchen garden, travel  (oh yes!) and spend heaps of time with my family.” See, I told you she was all about the food.

Cindy firmly believes that what you put in your body should also go on your body, and that is the thinking behind her Lip Nourish. It’s food in a tube that you put on your lips. She told me that up to 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, and it makes sense that what gets absorbed should be healthy for you. Food for your skin she says. Cindy has a great vision on ‘healthy, natural beauty’ but what I loved the most about our chat was that she definitely wasn’t about naked skin. If you love makeup, like I do, then that’s great too. Run with it, look for healthy products and go crazy. Ok, she didn’t say go crazy, but I could hear it in her voice.


In the same vain as food for your skin, LÜK Beautifood also stocks 100% Pure Products, which Cindy assured me fit into her natural beauty mantra. I haven’t tried any but they have long caught my eye on Instagram and hopefully will adorn my dresser sometime this year. Cindy is also business savvy (as her website also clearly demonstrates – ‘visionary leadership, ‘guerrilla marketing’ and tech savviness’ – ahem) and she laughs when I ask if she can give me an exclusive. She says she can’t (bummer) but that there are exciting things coming up which could include the launch of some new products, yay!

Let’s get onto the nitty gritty’s of these gorgeous lip products. ‘These 100% natural lipsticks are made from clean active foods to hydrate, nourish and protect lips whilst giving you a healthy glow. They go on with an incredibly soft, soothing texture that’s not too shiny or pigmented. Lip Nourish is rich in antioxidants and omega 3+6 essential fatty acids to keep lips smoother, tastier and decidedly more beautiful with a non-irritating, healthy, edible recipe.’ That’s what the website says and I can’t agree more. Lip nourish contains a variety of food based ingredients which, depending on the shade, will lightly colour your lips and leave them coated in a smooth, not sticky, matte finish balm. There isn’t too much of a taste, maybe surprisingly, but they certainly smell delicious. I can’t say if they’ll solve your lip problems but I do think they are worth a try. I have the clear Vanilla Cinnamon flavour and the darkest (very 90’s) Tangerine Vanilla. The big question is, will I order again. Actually you know what, I will! I rarely say that, but I use the clear one every night and I would be keen to try a pinky shade as well. I think that feeling speaks for itself. I’ve never bought a lip product more than once.


So I do apologise to Cindy and to my Insty followers who have been waiting for this post, but hopefully the wait was worth it. If you can’t resist unique lip products then please head on over to Cindy’s website and have a browse around. It’s truly brimming with fantastic information about herself, the company and looking after your skin naturally. Treat yourself, tell your partner I said it was ok!


The above link is an affiliate link, meaning that if you buy something I will get a small commission. Thanks Cindy for the opportunity to be involved and thank you for supporting me and a fantastic Aussie business.

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