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beautypedia-5359502When I was a young woman, just starting out in the beauty world, I happened upon a gigantic bible of beauty product reviews called Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. This was the 5th edition of the best selling book, first published in 1992 by self professed ‘Cosmetics Cop’ Paula Begoun. To cut a long story short, Paula offers reviews based on the ingredient list of every product she can get her hands on. She uses the latest research on cosmetic ingredients, along with information provided (or not) by the companies and her own wealth of experience to formulate her opinion and give the product a rating of best, good, average or poor.

In 2008 Beautypedia was launched, and online version of the book which covers over 45,000 product reviews! I wanted to mention Beautypedia because I frequently refer to it when I consider purchasing a new product, it really is my go to beauty resource.

My 12 years with Paula as my best beauty friend has taught me a lot about reading between the lines of claims made my cosmetic companies. However, I also worked out right from the start that nothing compares to personal preference and results. I would never purchase or not purchase a product based solely on Paula and her team’s reviews, just as I don’t necessarily take the advice from reviewers on other sites, but I do look to Beautypedia as a good starting point when considering a new product.

Paula also has her own cosmetics line; Paula’s Choice. As with her reviews, I love some of the products she has on offer and some of them really didn’t work for me. You’ll probably see a lot of Paula’s Choice products crop up in my posts as I often turn to them when I need something that is gentle and reliable.  I do tend to get bored with ‘gentle and reliable’ after a while but then I end up crawling back when my skin needs some TLC.

I do recommend Beautypedia for it’s extensive list of product reviews, up-to-date research information and also facts about the companies behind the brands. It has a great search function, product categories and also a best product list.

Go ahead and check out Beautypedia to see how your favorite products measure up. Have fun!

Image source: Beautypedia

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