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New In – Benjabelle Brush Tree

‘Australian stockist’ – Ah those words are music to my ears! I feel like Christmas has come early when I find an item to covet and then discover that I can buy it in store or online from somewhere local.…

The Fakery Bakery – Vegan Delights

EDIT: The Fakery Bakery is no longer at the Adelaide Central Market. Please see their Facebook page for stockists and info on placing custom orders. Link at the end of this post. ‘Vegan is NOT a dirty word,’ proclaims the…

Crowd Pleasing Salad Part 2: Cucumber Salad

Who would have thought to combine cucumbers and potatoes? Austrians, that’s who! This salad is my daughter’s absolute favourite and it’s always a hit at BBQ’s, even when people are a bit hesitant to try it at first. It’s a…

Crowd Pleasing Salad Part 1: Potato Salad

Both of my grandmothers are Austrian, they are both excellent cooks with their own set of signature dishes and surprisingly they both do things very differently. My Oma Bibi is master of the cake, biscuit and all manner of sweet…

The Beauty and Food Dirty Martini

I’m that person who has no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to television shows because I just can’t seem to keep up with everything that’s around at the moment. Work, family time, blogging and falling into bed exhausted…

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