Bésame Cosmetics Part 2 – Take my Money!

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A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on some Bésame Cosmetics. Now I’ve had the chance to touch and play with everything and I have to report that I am absolutely thrilled with each and every item! Below is a description and review of each product and part 3 of this series will be a classic Bésame look using the following products. Read on and I dare you not to be tempted.


At the top of my shopping list was the Violet Brightening Powder. Housed in the cutest lilac and ivory container, this is a finely milled setting powder with just a hint of violet color and matching fragrance. It comes with an internal plastic lid that stops the powder from spilling out and its own puff. I apply this powder under my eyes and across my T-zone with the puff or with my Real Techniques Setting Brush. It’s brilliant, not cakey and it doesn’t impart any noticeable color. I do have a problem with concealer settling into the fine lines under my eyes and I think this powder works to reduce the creasing. I don’t know that it has magical brightening abilities, but I still highly recommend it for under the eyes.


Unfortunately the black cake mascara wasn’t available so I decided to try out the Mascara Cream instead. Firstly, Sandra made an excellent point when she explained that this was perfect for makeup artists because the wand is not inserted into the tube. Cross contamination is reduced by simply squeezing out the product onto the included wand and then washing between clients/uses. For individual users, like me, the benefit of this type of product is that you can use it to the last drop, no need to replace after 3 months. The formula is a beautiful true black and although it doesn’t build much volume, it really does help to darken and lengthen lashes for a natural look. One tip I learned while playing around with it is to squeeze out the product onto the brush and then wait a few minutes before applying to lashes. The cream is quite wet and that little bit of extra time helps to dry it out a touch, making it easier to apply. My issue with all mascara is that I end up with panda eyes half way through the day due to my oily skin. I can’t comment on that aspect yet as I haven’t tried this out for extended periods, but I’ll let you know.


The Cream Rouge comes in two shades, Crimson and Apricot and I selected the gorgeous orangey Apricot shade. In the pan this looks quite bright, almost neon, but on the skin it is divine, a subtle flush from within. I’m really impressed with this product. It’s easy to apply with fingers or a stippling brush, blends well and lasts all day. It has become a work staple for me which is a testament to its ease of use. I don’t have time to muck around in the mornings. It’s formula is definitely cream, it doesn’t dry to a powder finish, but it’s not greasy or oily either. The only qualm I have is the packaging. The lid is sometimes difficult to get on and off and requires a special touch. One day it slips off like dream and the next day it won’t budge. I still love it despite the difficulties with the lid, it is the cutest tin and the size is very generous too. I think I’ll get the Crimson one when I do my next order.


Lastly I umm’ed and ahhh’ed and settled on three of the famous Bésame lipsticks. Before I give you my review let’s just take a short break to all swoon over the luxurious, old style gold plated packaging…


The three colors I got were the warm toned Red Hot Red, orange based Tango Red and the deeper Cherry Red. These lipsticks have a semi matte finish although I have noticed that the Cherry Red is a much drier formula, especially compared to the creamy Tango Red.  The bullet is a unique shape which features two points, perfect for outlining the lips first and then filling in with the flat edge, as demonstrated in the instructions that accompany the product. The best thing about these though is the pigment, they are so rich in color that it really is ‘one swipe application,’ as Sandra says, and they truly do last all day. Like all lippies, they need a touch up after eating and drinking but the base color lasts and lasts. Sometimes at work I just add a slick of gloss after lunch and I am set for the afternoon. I adore these and I definitely want to pick up the Bésame Red and the Red Velvet which I had some samples off. I know they are all just ‘reds’ to some, but each one is slightly different and I must have them all!


Here you can see the subtle differences between the different reds from the brown toned Red Velvet to the slight orange undertones of the rich Red Hot Red.


Have you fallen for Bésame Cosmetics like I have? Stay tuned for a full 1940s look created with all these beautiful products.

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