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Crowd Pleasing Salad Part 2: Cucumber Salad

Who would have thought to combine cucumbers and potatoes? Austrians, that’s who! This salad is my daughter’s absolute favourite and it’s always a hit at BBQ’s, even when people are a bit hesitant to try it at first. It’s a…

A Word on Perfume

Yesterday my partner, Adrian, got up and started getting ready for a day of filming. He had a shower, got dressed, brushed his teeth and sprayed on a sample of aftershave that was part of a set I gave him…

Contouring Made Easy – Clever Technique

Becca Lowlight Sculpting Perfector provided by I was having lunch with some Adelaide based beauty lovers last week when one of our group members, Jamila from Jamballdonut, dropped a bombshell. She showed me a contouring technique that is life changing! I’ve always…

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