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I have just returned from a beach holiday. Eight days of fun in the sun, and believe me, I loved every minute and did not want to come home. When you are on holidays sometimes it’s the little things that can make or break whether you have a good time, or need to come home for a respite from all the stress. For example, taking our child to a caravan park that had a pool, water slides, mini golf, baby farm animals and pedal karts was a huge win for us. Smart planning right there. Another small thing that made each day run smoothly was knowing I didn’t have to shave my legs or under arms!

I discussed my plan on my Facebook page to get my legs, bikini line and underarms waxed before my trip and I am so glad I did. I felt confident in my bikini, shorts and sleeveless tops knowing that I didn’t have to worry about, or deal with, unwanted body hair.

While I think that a big job like mine was is best dealt with by professionals, if you are needing a touch up or have just a small area to wax, there is no reason you cannot get silky smooth skin at home. I was lucky enough to receive this at home waxing kit from Veet to try and review.


To get started you just insert the refill into the heating device and plug it in. It takes about 20 minutes to heat up and you can leave it plugged in if you think you’ll take a while to get the job done, it’s got a self-regulating temperature control.



You will know it’s ready when you can roll an even strip of wax onto a piece of paper.


Before you start waxing make sure your skin is clean and dry. I used some talcum powder to ensure the wax would get a good grip on the hairs.


Roll the wax onto your skin in the direction that the hair grows.


Smooth down the cloth strip firmly.


Hold the skin taut and remove the strip quickly against the direction of the hair growth. Try not to hold the strip at a right angle to your skin, keep your hand as close to your body as possible.

veet10-post-1164732 veet11-post-7384965

Now I know, I did not have a lot of hair for this test. In all honesty I would not do my own waxing at home if I had a full leg or underarm of hair. It’s just too big of a job, trying to get into all the nooks and crannys (behind the knees etc) for me to bother with. But for a touch up, a small area, or those who are confident with waxing, this is such a simple system to use.

veet12-post-6311795 veet13-post-9531760

Finally remove any wax residue with the included Perfect Finish Wipes. That’s it, all done.

I have tried many waxing kits before and I have to say that this really is easy to use. There is no mess, no dripping hot wax and no clean up either. You just pop the whole thing away to use again another time, or replace the refill which comes with a fresh roller on the top.

I will keep this system in my cupboard and bring it out when I need a little smoothing. I might also be brave enough to try my under arms one day. I’ll let you know!

Get the EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit anywhere you usually buy Veet: chemists, supermarkets, Priceline etc.

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