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Food trucks are the latest craze taking the world by a storm and luckily for me I get to be a part of the action, right from my office! As of late last year my workplace set up a Mobile Food Vendor database and as a result we have two options available each day at different locations on campus. I usually bring my lunch to work and the weather has made going outside unbearable lately (46°C anyone?), but last week I was coerced by a co-worker into heading down to the plaza for lunch after a long meeting.

Clare and I walked right by The Satay Hut and decided immediately to hit the ATM and then come back. The interior of the van was spotlessly clean and the menu options sounded appetising. Clare is gluten intolerant and seeing something that she could eat safely was a big drawcard. When we returned we were greeted warmly and served quickly. I ordered a chicken satay wrap with organic salad ($8) and a pork spring roll ($2), and Clare went with 2 chicken satays and rice ($10). Both meals included an extra helping of satay sauce.

I was super impressed with the freshness of my meal. The salad was crispy and bright green and the wrap was soft, no sign of staleness. As it was served fresh (un-toasted) this was very important to me, I hate dry bread! The spring roll was definitely the highlight though, it was delicious! I have my favourite chicken spring rolls available just down the road from a local Asian restaurant and I’m very happy to report that these pork ones were on par with those. Crispy and juicy inside; they were not served with any sauce but they didn’t need it. Yum, next time The Satay Hut is around I’ll be back for those spring rolls.


My wrap was very tasty too and although it looked enormous I was able to eat it comfortably and then walk back to my building without needing a breather. The chicken was tender with no grisly bits and the sauce wasn’t spicy – I don’t like spicy. As I said before, the salad and wrap were also nice and fresh. Clare enjoyed her satays with rice and also commented that she really liked the satay sauce. One thing she did mention was that she found the prices a little expensive, but having looked at the other options available from mobile food vendors I can confirm the prices are comparable. I have also worked in the city and a wrap and drink at a café is almost always in excess of $12 so I think the pricing is fair.

After my experience I would recommend The Satay Hut; if I see the van when I’m out and about I’ll tell my friends they must try the spring rolls. Peanut satay is not one of my favourite things and I usually don’t order a satay dish as a main course when I am eating Asian food, but for something a little different, it really hit the spot. Tasty and filling – I enjoyed my lunch from The Satay Hut.

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