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Sometimes I feel sad and jaded when I look around at the world of today. There are so many things happening here in Australia, and abroad, that make me feel lost and powerless, only one voice among many. Small things that seem like an obvious human right are beyond the reach of many of the world’s people and if I think about it too long I might just end up in a darkness I can’t come back from. Luckily, I don’t need to look far to find the inspiration that I crave to guide me towards the light. While the world can sometimes seem harsh, never before have there been more opportunities for ordinary folks to follow their dreams than today. I am so delighted when I get the chance to discover people who are forging a reality from their hard work and dedication and it’s with great pleasure that I get to introduce you to Angelica Fabian-Varga, creator of Angelic Lily, 100% natural and botanical skincare.

al1ul-7935472 Angelic Lily’s website states that ‘using the best that mother nature has to offer, Angelic Lily has been created to help you achieve heavenly skin. Our products contain all natural botanicals that will purify, nourish and restore your skin. Let the power of nature take your skin to a fresh new level of radiance with Angelic Lily.’ I was thrilled when Angelica offered to post me some of her products to test after I left a comment on one of her Instagram photos. The brand only launched recently so it was a real honour to be among the first to experience the three key products. Now, you know how I feel about the ‘natural’ claims, I’m not one who buys into that kind of thing, it’s how a product performs that’s important to me. If it does what it says it will, and suits my skin type and lifestyle, then I’m happy. Let’s get into it and take a closer look at the three products.

A slight disclaimer before I continue. When Angelica sent me these products, I was suffering from a terrible seasonal allergy and continue to do so. I’ve got awful itchy skin, red puffy eyes and the worst dry eyelids you can imagine. I proceeded with caution when it came to trying Angelic Lily and I’m very happy to report that it did not cause further irritation. It didn’t solve my problem either, but nothing has. I’m on a course of steroid medication at the moment as it’s that bad.


Firstly, the packaging is beautiful. The three products were sent to me in a gorgeous natural fabric bag with satin lining. I felt so spoiled when I opened the parcel. The two bottles and tube look sleek and lovely with their white and purple design. The only qualm I have about the packaging is that the pumps don’t dispense a lot of product. This is not a significant issue as people do tend to use different amounts of cleanser and moisturiser and once it’s out it can’t be put back again. You are definitely not going to waste any of the product, but I find I have to pump six to eight times to get the amount on cleanser I like.

The first thing I notice about the products is the scent. It says on the bottle that it’s a rose and chamomile scent, and perhaps it is, but it’s overpowered by the thyme extract. From the first use, I picked up on the thyme scent immediately (and rosemary too), and I have to confess that it can smell a little like a roast dinner. It’s herby and green, but the sent doesn’t linger which is something I like in all of my products. Do I like the scent? Yes I do. Why am I ok with scent in this product when I whinge about it being in others? Because it’s the charm of these ‘botanical’ products. You know what you are getting, and if botanical extracts and essential oils float your boat, then go for it.

Face and Eye Cleanser

This cleanser does exactly what it says it will. It cleans the skin of all dirt, oils and makeup. I did use it around my eyes on days that they weren’t too flared up with allergies and it didn’t exacerbate the problem or sting in any way. It can tend to get absorbed into the skin quite quickly which is why I like to use a good amount, more than suggested, and then remove with a warm washcloth. It’s a creamy, non foaming texture but it’s not heavy. I wouldn’t call this a rich product, it’s definitely a lightweight cream formula.


Eye Cream

I’m not usually an eye cream user because of my oily skin. I get milia spots so easily that I avoid putting any creams or serums too close to the delicate skin around my eyes. However, with this new onset of crazy dry skin around my eyes, this eye cream has been delightful. I wouldn’t describe this as a cream, it’s a gel texture and it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave a residue. It has the same herby scent of the face cleanser (and moisturiser) but unlike some other scented products, it doesn’t make my eyes sting or water. This eye cream has been nice for my dry under eyes and although it’s not rich enough for my extremely dry and irritated skin at the moment, I think once my allergies are under control, this will be the perfect texture for me.

al3ul-2467033 Face Moisturiser

I never thought the day would come that I would love a moisturiser over a cleanser in a range of products. I’m a cleanser girl from way back. The thing is, this moisturiser is inspired! It has the most unique matte texture, but it still feels nourishing and leaves my skin soft and smooth. I love it! There is no SPF so this is a great option for at night, or under a foundation that has sun protection. It’s absolutely perfect for using under your makeup, almost like using a mattifying primer. It has the same scent as the rest of the range, perhaps the strongest of the three. I use the recommended two pumps, but I’m careful to let the pump reset itself fully so that I get two full pumps of product. For oily skin girls like me, this is a must have product, I know, I’m raving now. I’m just so impressed!

So, do you think Angelic Lily could be the skincare range for you? Check them out here:
Angelic Lily Website
Angelic Lily Facebook

Let me know in the comments below which of the three products you are interested in the most, and what your favourite roast dinner is? icon_smile-8421952

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