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When it comes to finding things to write about on my blog, people that I know are full of helpful suggestions. My work friend Mel is keen for me to get my eyebrows threaded, purely so I can tell her how much it hurts and she can decide if she is brave enough to get it done herself (I did get them done, and it wasn’t too bad at all). Next there are those who are passionate about certain products they think would be interesting to my readers and then there is my sister. Lizzie helps me out in a number of ways including letting me know if she finds any typos in my posts, buying me beauty related gifts and letting me borrow products to review, and she very helpfully tags me in Instagram posts to alert me to new things on the market. Last year she tagged me in one of her pictures which featured the beautiful Iris Practice bath salts and after sending off a quick email to the founder Bree Melotte, a few days later a beautiful package arrived on my door step! Thanks Lizzie.

The first thing I want to say about these products is how absolutely gorgeous they are, especially the bath salts packaged in the glass bottles. I suppose that keeping them out in direct sunlight is not a great idea for the ingredients, but if you have space in your bathroom you are definitely going to want to have these out on display. They are absolutely adorable! The bottles, and even the little muslin bags filled with single servings of salts, call to my mind a medieval apothecary. Being able to see the herbs and flowers mixed among the Epsom, Celtic and Himalayan pink salts is just darling. A feast for the eyes. I give these beauties a 10/10 for presentation, they really please my eyes, as you can tell from my gushing.


The name Iris Practice comes from Bree’s favourite painting ‘Irises’ by Van Gough and it’s just one of the signs that her whole life has been hand poured into these little bottles. Growing up in Daylesford, Victoria Bree has always been surrounded by nature and people who respected the things that the earth has to offer. From creating secret potions as a child, right through to founding Iris Practice, Bree has had a dream to bring the healing properties of nature to the bathroom. Iris Practice sources their ingredients and packaging from small businesses, where possible in the Central Highlands, in order to support and promote the local community where Bree’s heart remains.

The key ingredients in Iris Practice bath salts are: salts (Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt and Celtic Sea Salt), herbs and essential oils. Bree says “considering the skin is our largest organ transdermal absorption is a very effective way of replenishing the minerals our bodies may be lacking and is truly a renewing and therapeutic experience for mind & body. The replenishing nutrients stimulate circulation, relax the body, detoxify and soothe sore muscles. By using three different types of salts and botanicals we have formulated a product that is holistic in nature and purpose and each containing their own unique quality and intention.”


Using the salts is both easy and ingenious! Each bottle and individual package comes with a muslin bag that you pour the salts into, that way all the herby bits are contained and don’t get stuck to your body or bath, clever! The smell divine, but is actually subtler that I first thought. I burned a strong smelling candle the first time I used the detox salts and I really had to have the muslin bag floating up near my chest to be able to smell it. The next couple of times I used the salts I went without the candle and the smell was just soft and lovely. Everything about using these salts is a joy, the beautiful packaging, the ritual of pouring out the salts into the little bag and then the natural scent that fills the room as you toss the bag into the warm water.

These salts are not only about the nice smell though, they are designed to have a lasting positive effect on your body and mind, and I’m a sad to report that unfortunately they might have worked a little too well for me. I used the Detox salts during a time when I was suffering from a dreaded case of Spring allergies and the detoxing effect was all a bit much for my body to handle. I woke up with swollen eyes and itchy skin, which was partly my own fault as I washed my face in the bath water and that’s not something I usually recommend. The next couple of baths produced a similar result, although thankfully milder and so I have come to the conclusion that my overworked immune system is not quite equipped for such a strong potion of botanicals. Not to worry, Adrian and my friend Clare have been tasked with trying the rest of the bath salts and letting me know what they think. I’ll add their reports when they have had a chance to test them.


One final word on the weird reaction, Bree and her team contacted me when I emailed to let them know what happened and have gone to great lengths to look into the issue just in case it was a problem with the salts themselves. I am absolutely positive that it was not a fault with the product at all, as this is not an isolated incident and those who have read my review of Angelic Lily will know I’ve been having a lot of problems with allergies. So a huge extension of gratitude to Iris Practice for looking after me. I’m just sorry that I can’t devour as many bottles of bath salts as I’d like too.

Thank you Bree for sending me your gorgeous potions! Will I buy again, oh yes, people I know will most certainly be receiving these amazing bath salts as gifts in the future. Do I suggest you rush out and place an order right this second, yes! Do it. These products are beautiful!

Check them out here:

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