It’s on! Battle of the Rose Hand Creams


Last month there was some exciting news for all you rose lovers out there. Kosmea Australia launched their brand new Rose Hand Cream at the start of April and I, as a devoted rose hand cream fan, had to grab one as soon as I saw it. I’ve long used the delectable Jurlique Rose Hand Cream and being the lucky duck that I am, I received a tube along with matching shower gel for Mother’s Day. You know what I thought to myself when I saw these two gorgeous products next to each other on my dresser? You guessed it! It’s time for ‘Battle of the Rose Hand Creams!’


I am very picky when it comes to hand cream. I’m not usually a devoted hand cream user because I don’t like the slimy residue some products can leave. Plus I have naturally sweaty palms (I only just figured this out when I started pole dancing classes, for fitness ok!) and so I don’t really need to apply moisturiser to my hands. But, it’s ritualistic and I love the scent of roses so much that I keep coming back to my holy grail Jurlique. Is the Kosmea going to be able to challenge the judges favourite? Let’s find out.



Price $28 for 40ml $19.95 for 50ml
Availability Jurlique Stores and National Pharmacies National Pharmacies and other select chemists.
Scent Natural Rose – Strong
Scent lingers a long time
Natural Rose – Medium
Soft, not overpowering
Key Ingredients Safflower Seed Oil Macadamia Oil Vitamin E Carrot Root Extract

Aloe Vera.

Rose Hip Oil Shea Butter Jojoba extract

Carrot extract

Texture Rich and Oily, sinks in after a few minutes Rich but not too oily, does not leave any residue
Packaging Minimalistic and clean, screw top metal tube Pink and white (pretty!),
flip top plastic tube
Effectiveness Deeply nourishing, only need a small amount Moisturising without being greasy, small amount needed.

So… Ummm… It’s a tie. They’re both fabulous! I think the longer lasting scent of the Jurlique might just edge out Kosmea in that category, but Kosmea’s hand cream is cheaper and you get more for your dollar. You may notice that I haven’t commented on the longevity of each cream, that’s because I do not have dry skin. I apply hand creams when I feel like it, not because I need to, it’s too difficult for me to comment on how long lasting they are – sorry! I like to think of myself as a rose hand cream aficionado and I would not hesitate to recommend either of these beauties.


In fact, I think I am quite happy to keep one at home and one at work and replace them accordingly as they run out. There is something luxurious about the sleek packaging and enduring scent of Jurlique’s offering, but Kosmea has produced a convenient (recyclable) plastic tube that won’t mind being transported in your handbag and a soft fragrance that will not bother anyone  nearby. I think they are both winners, and kind of like children, I can’t pick a favourite. Share this post…reddit-1651588twitter-4256379facebook-3060060pinterest-7049030google-5850215email-8137543

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