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I’m such a sucker for makeup contests! When I saw the London Look AU competition, hosted by Rimmel, at first I was skeptical, but when I saw that it was judged by a panel instead of public vote, I thought it was worth entering. All they needed was a photo, which is much less stressful than a video, and I love doing my own makeup, creating new and interesting looks. The requirement of creating my own London Look inspired me, so I bit the bullet and dived right in.

The look I went for was an homage to Twiggy with a modern red lip thrown in for good measure. Red screams London to me, and Twiggy is a British icon. I was really happy with the finished look, and the eyelashes added a little extra drama that set it apart from something I would wear normally. I wanted it to be a bit wild, a little edgy, and to have an air of vintage feel, just how I think of London the city.

You can imagine my surprise when I received an email to say I had been named a runner up thanks to the public vote. I was blown away, and so thankful that I entered after all.

img_0480-1024x1024-6414783 I won this amazing prize pack that made me feel a million dollars when it arrived. Thank you so much to Rimmel and Coty for the prize, and of course thank YOU to all the people who voted, whoever you are. Oh and thanks to Adrian who spent a whole afternoon trying to get a photo that showed the makeup but didn’t make me look like an alien (I blink a lot).

It just goes to show, you have to be in it to win it!

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