The top 5 things I’ve Learned From Lisa Eldridge

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British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is undoubtedly the queen of makeup on YouTube. She may not have the most subscribers, the most uploads, or the most watched videos, but when you take into account her celebrity clients, magazine editorials, and newly released book on the history of makeup, she certainly takes the crown.

Lisa has been working in the makeup industry for over 20 years and got her big break when she was booked to do Cindy Crawford’s makeup for ELLE Magazine. She has gone on to work with some the world’s most recognizable brands such as Shiseido and Boots No. 7, and as one of the first professional makeup artists to create an online presence, Lisa continues to engage her online followers while maintaining her high profile client list.

It can be hard to believe that Lisa still finds time between red carpet events, editorials and designing new collections in her role as Creative Director for Lancôme, to shoot, edit and upload videos to her YouTube channel and write articles for her website. Her generosity with her time benefits millions of people (her acne covering video has over 3 million views!) who are able to learn tips, tricks and techniques direct from one of the world’s most successful makeup artists. Here are the top 5 things I’ve learned from Lisa Eldridge:

1. Be gentle

No matter whether Lisa is using her fingers or a brush, making up a model or herself, she never pulls or drags the skin. You never see a model’s head recoil from a rough application of foundation, or their eyelids being stretched to unnatural proportions. It’s a wonder anyone can stay awake while Lisa does their makeup as she always uses such a light touch. Brushes seem to glide effortlessly over the skin, sometimes barely touching it, yet this gentle approach doesn’t hinder the flawless application of products. If anything, the soft touch gives more control for precise placement and depth of color.

2. Quality counts, price doesn’t

Throughout Lisa’s videos, and website, we see her using products from varying price points. Some of the things she uses are an extravagant purchase, but some are just a few bucks from the drug store. The thing they all have in common is that they perform well. Lisa is not discriminatory when it comes to price or brand names, but she is a strong advocate of using products that she can rely on. While Lisa gets sent dozens of products every week to try, and keeps up-to-date with new releases, we know that the products she shares with us, or has in her professional kit, must be of the highest quality and achieve perfect results every time.

3. Know the trends and know when to use them

You would be forgiven for thinking that Lisa doesn’t keep up with the latest social media trends as she doesn’t often produce those Instagram-type looks with the sharp brows, heavy contouring and dense false lashes. She doesn’t use a transition eyeshadow shade, and she never ‘bakes’ with translucent powder. Then, out of nowhere, she whips out the Urban Decay Naked palette and jokes with Huda Kattan about Huda’s love of overdrawn lip liner. Lisa has her own signature style that she has developed after many years as a professional makeup artist, however she remains open to changing fashions and techniques. Make no mistake, Lisa Eldridge knows what’s going on in the world of makeup, and she can do it all, but she’s not ruled by it.

4. Work with what you’ve got

Lisa uploaded her first YouTube video in December of 2009 and over the last six years she has featured models of all ages, ethnicity, and with a variety of skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. No matter the canvas she has to work with, Lisa is able to create a look that enhances her model’s features and most importantly makes them feel beautiful and confident. In her acne covering video Lisa is at pains to say that her model has mostly glowing skin and only a few areas with blemishes that can be easily covered using her pinpoint concealing technique. In her rosacea video she shows us how someone with a lot of redness in their skin can still rock a red lip. Lisa knows no barriers to beauty and undoubtedly anyone who is lucky enough to sit in her chair leaves feeling like the most beautiful version of themselves.

5. Look after your skin

Lisa Eldridge is not all about makeup. Her videos about skincare, facial massage and sunscreen are some of her most watched, and the proof is in the pudding when she starts off a video sans makeup. Aside from some redness around her chin and the occasional spot, all that facial massage has certainly paid off. When Lisa does a video featuring skin care products, such as her SOS beauty solutions, she once again showcases how knowledgeable she is on the subject of cosmetics. It is easy to trust someone when they know which ingredients do what, and can give the background on how certain formulations were developed. Lisa has said that she never uses a product on a client that she hasn’t tested herself, and often gives away things from her kit when a model or celebrity’s skin is in need. Although she works her magic with makeup, Lisa’s job starts with skin preparation, and she understands the importance of using the right products to ensure she has the best base possible to unleash her creativity upon.

If I could change places with anyone for one day, my pick is definitely Lisa Eldridge. Thank you so much, Lisa, for sharing your wisdom with us, and for being such an inspiration to makeup obsessed people everywhere!

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