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Thornhill Lane Biodynamics is a small family business established from a passion for nature, with the idea of a pure and simple way of living. Thornhill Lane Biodynamics say on their website, ‘reading a lot of labels we realized the vast majority of the skin-care products on the market, even the so-called organic ones, are laden with various chemicals and synthetic ingredients. We thought there must be a better way to nourish, soften and moisturize our skin. This is how we created our basic 100% natural, and 100% organic skin-care range of products. We believe everyone deserves what nature has to give us.

Let me introduce you to three of Thornhill Lane’s products and what I think of them.


Lip Butter

Butter. I love the name butter for a lip product, it conjures up an image of intense moisturisation and absorption, much nicer than the word balm. I think anyway. I know, I’m weird. Just like the name, I love this lip product. I was so glad it didn’t have a citrus scent, I’m over citrus lip balms. Instead it has a really subtle honey, natural type scent, and virtually no taste. It is quite solid so I dig it out with my thumbnail and warm it between my fingers before applying. It certainly sinks in well and leaves my lips soft and smooth without feeling greasy. There is a nice sheen to the lips but this product is not glossy. This lip butter is perfect for applying at night before bed or as a base for lipstick. Although a little pot is not the most convenient container for getting the product out, especially if you have long fingernails, it’s just so darn cute. Love this!

tlv-post-3-3236303Body Butter

Honestly, this is lip balm for your legs! Despite the numerous scented ingredients you can see listed above, it has a soft scent that is not overpowering at all. It’s a really natural fragrance that dissipates quickly once applied. It is very solid in the jar so I scrape it out with a spatula and rub it between my palms before applying to my skin. It is very greasy in my hands but once I start to smooth it on it absorbs really well. I use this often at night before bed and it doesn’t leave any reside on my sheets. It’s perfect for all skin types and is super nourishing and soothing on freshly shaved legs.


Facial Oil – Oily Skin

When Stefania sent me the package she included a note which suggested I use this oil for the oil cleansing method and so I tried it as both a cleanser and as a facial treatment.

Unfortunately this facial oil and I got off to a bad start because of all the essential oils it contains. As my readers know, I am not comfortable with putting essential oils on my facial skin, especially lemon and peppermint, and this oil contains both, along with other fragrance oils. It has quite a citrussy scent, not unlike lemon and honey Strepsils, which is a strange comparison but it really reminds me of lollies.

I do love facial oils and the oil cleansing method so despite the fragrance issues I proceeded to give this one a go. As a cleanser it didn’t work for me because it was just too rich and didn’t wash away easily. I confess that I usually use a Shiseido cleansing oil which is full of mineral oil so it has much more ‘slip’ and is very effective at removing heavy makeup. I wouldn’t be game enough to use this around my eyes due to the essential oils. So as a oil cleanser, no, I wouldn’t use this oil to cleanse with, plus I feel bad washing all the organic goodness down the drain.

As a facial oil though, it could work well for someone who isn’t as fussy about fragrance as I am. It’s a very dry oil, if that makes sense, you need to warm it a little or it can drag the skin as you apply it. It has a really nice range of non-volatile plant oils which can be fantastic for skin health (jojoba, rosehip etc) and also calendula which is soothing for skin that is unhappy, red  and sensitive. The Oily Skin Facial Oil is mix of soothing ingredients and then you have lemon, peppermint and other essential oils which can sometimes cause irritation for those with sensitive skins. As much as I wanted to love this product, I’m sad to say that it is not something I would use on my face (perhaps on my body though), but with everything I try, it might work for you and if it sounds like something you would like then definitely give it a go.

You can find the full range of 100% natural and organic Thornhill Lane Biodynamics products here

How do you feel about essential oils in your face products, yay or nay?

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